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Belfonte/Bell Safe Return Plan

Posted Date: 08/01/2022

Belfonte/Bell Safe Return Plan

July 25, 2022



Belfonte/Bell School COVID-19 Guidelines for 2022-2023


Belfonte/Bell School will follow the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) &/or Tribal Health Department guidelines for re-opening in the fall. We hope the following information helps answer many of the questions you may have about re-opening schools.


Our goal will be to provide as safe as possible experience which will include a rich educational experience, with opportunities for social interaction and extracurricular while adhering to guidelines provided by the Oklahoma Department of Health. Belfonte/Bell Public Schools will coordinate with State and local health officials as well as collaborate through contact tracing with State, local, and Tribal health departments. Belfonte/Bell will also support our school community by providing vaccination support and resources.


What is the first day for students?

School will begin on August 11, 2021. This date will only change if OSDH &/or Tribal Health Department sends updated guidance with this requirement.


Who will be required to wear face coverings?

Face coverings will not be required. The Oklahoma State Department of Health&/or Tribal Health Departments have not issued a directive to require face covering; however, this does not down play the importance of this additional safety measure. Students will be highly encouraged to avoid areas with high concentration of students where social distancing cannot be maintained.


Do we need to provide masks for our students or will one be provided?

Parents must provide students with a disposable mask or a washable mask if and when the need arises. If we go back to wearing masks, proper fit and wearing of the mask is a must. A mask must cover the nose and mouth completely.


Will bus transportation be provided?

Yes, the district will provide bus transportation for all students. We are planning no changes to bus schedules or bus stops.


How normal will the day be for a student?

Our goal is for your student(s) to have as normal of a day as possible while we also provide as much safety as possible. Students will not remain in the same classroom all day but will be able to transition from one class to another. Of course, sanitation will take place before a new group of students enter a space. Students will be encouraged to wash hands frequently. Sneezing and coughing should be done into the bend of the elbow.



Will my elementary student have recess?

Yes. Elementary students will have outdoor play time. Additionally, playground equipment will be sanitized daily.


Will social distancing guidelines be observed?

Social distancing will be observed as much as feasibly possible but at times students will be closer than the recommended 3 ft. apart. When social distancing requirements cannot be maintained such as class exchange time, etc., classes will be staggered to cut down on the amount of students in the hallways, restrooms and common areas when possible.


Will classrooms be arranged differently to protect students?

Yes, classrooms will be arranged to provide more space between students. That might mean all desks are arranged in rows facing a single direction. We will make every effort to provide

distance but not limit students’ ability to interact and communicate with others in their classroom. Additionally, supplies and materials will not be shared by students.


Will students attend school every day or will we have some type of alternate schedule?

We plan for students to attend school daily following a very similar schedule to the traditional school day.


If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, what will happen?

In the event an individual tests positive, we will follow the latest guidance from the OSDH &/or Tribal Health Department. We will be in direct contact with OSDH &/or Tribal Health Department. This could result in a brief closure of a single school within the district to provide time for additional cleaning and sanitation.


Will students and adults be screened daily?

No. Students and staff will only report to the office if symptoms arise.


If I don’t want my student to return to a traditional classroom, what are my options?

The district has provided a survey to all parents to collect information regarding their interest in a digital option for students. This would provide a total online educational program for students who did not feel comfortable returning to onsite instruction. Parents will be asked to sign up for the virtual education program and commit to a minimum of one (1) semester. Parents and students will be required to commit to the Virtual Education option no later than July 16th.


If students choose to do full-time virtual, will they be able to participate in extracurricular activities?

Yes, students concerned about returning to campus will be able to be involved in any on campus, or extracurricular activities following CDC requirements.



Will students be able to participate in extracurricular activities and sports in the fall?

Yes. We will have sports activities in the fall.


Will my student eat lunch in their classroom?

No. Breakfast and lunch will be served in the cafeteria. Proper sanitation of all areas will be completed after each meal.


What special precautions will be implemented in regard to cleaning and sanitizing? Sanitation and cleanliness will be a high priority for our district as we return in the fall. High touch surfaces (door knobs, light switches, etc.) and restrooms will be cleaned on a continuous basis throughout the day.  We will also provide time for hand washing and hand sanitizer throughout our   campuses. Students will be asked to sanitize their hands each time they leave and enter a new space. Classrooms will have HVAC systems installed to improve ventilation and air flow.


If a student comes to school sick, what will happen?

If a student comes to school sick, the school appointed personnel will screen the student and check their temperature. If a temperature is over the OSDH &/or Tribal Health Department guidance, the student will be sent home and will need to be fever free 24 hours without medication before returning to school. When the child returns to school they will check in with the school office. If             the student tests positive for Covid-19 isolation and quarantine protocols will be put into place. Contact tracing will be done by OSDH&/or Tribal Health Department agencies.


How will you help fill any gaps my student has from the previous year?

Students will be assessed to determine individual strengths and deficits. These assessments will determine if students need additional support. A proper amount of review of material is done at the beginning of each school year.


What happens if we have school closures again?

If schools close again, a plan for at-home digital learning or paper packets will be sent home. Students will learn how to use Learning Management Systems by participating in lessons throughout the week while at school. Blended learning that includes both on-site traditional instruction and digital instruction will become the norm. This approach will allow students who might be ill or quarantined for a limited amount of time to continue their education even if they are not physically present in the classroom.


Will our students have the same arrival and dismissal time?

Yes. Arrival and dismissal times will remain the same. School will start at 8:20 with breakfast being served at a start time of 7:45