Bell Menu



Bell Menu Aug 14-18
Breakfast Lunch


 Scrambled Eggs  Sauasge andToast

Milk Juice Fruit

Soft Tacos and Refired beans

Milk Juice, Salad Bar


Sausage Gravy and Biscuts

Milk, Juice, Fruit, jelly

Mac and Cheese pinto beans

Milk, Juice, Salad Bar


Chocolate Gravy and Biscuts

Milk, Juice, Fruit

Salisbury Steak and mased Potatoes

Milk Juice, Salad Bar


Pancakes and Bacon

Milk Juice Fruit

Chicken Strips and Tator Tots

Milk Juice, Salad Bar


Rice and Cereal

Milk Juice and Fruit


Hot Dogs and Chips

Milk Juice Salad Bar


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